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Okay this is my first post on these forums, but after playing the demo i felt it was my duty to make a 'little' review.
  • I'll provide my thoughts in a list to make it easier for you to check over, i know you don't want to look at a 3 page essay

    Lets get the bad things out of the way;
  • You need to split the tutorials up into 'ground' and 'space' tutorials. The combat is extremely different, and from reading on 2 forums, people are finding space battles pretty tough.
  • The Galatic campaign, is putting it blunt... bad. It's terrible, i was utterly disappointed by having just 1 planet to invade. Sure i got to fight a space battle, but i felt so frustrated by the end of the space battle, that i turned off when i saw the ground battle, which was really boring. However, i came back on today, installed a few mods/hacks (whatever you want to call them) and that has just saved you a customer. My faith is restored having played about 6 hours straight of space battles.
  • The ground combat is really weak. Probably the weakest part of the game. I understand why you want to have fixed building positions, i know it's because you want to concentrate on the fighting (exactly like battle for middle earth did) but it makes it all too predictable. Anything thats predictable is bad, bad news. I just felt, that the spaec battle was so intense and you come down to the planet and it was really dull. Something needs to be added to make it more vibrant and more intense.
  • I adore the weather effects, brilliant, i love the pros and cons, makes it alot better for tactical fighting. The problem is though, it doesn't do enough and it's not long enough. A sand storm should reduce the field of view hugely to the player, not only to the units. It would make surprise attacks even more daring and get people unaware. It should also last for a hell of alot longer. You can't move a force from one side of the map to the other in time to make an attack, as the weather lasts for 15 seconds odd.
  • I know your going to make larger maps, so thats not much of a problem for me. I do however think that the space maps in particular need to have room for craft to move. I couldn't do a nice sneak attack because the space station was right in the corner of the map, so it was always predicting which way i'd come from.
  • I'm also assuming that we'll see the imperial units move, camping next to the station makes it suprisingly difficult to attack. Another pet hate of mine, the garrisons. Now i'm all for having garrisoned ships. But i think those garrisoned ships should not be infininent, and they should also go towards the pop cap. The point of having a hanger full of ships is that you can mess about with just 1 ship instead of 10 units. When you see an enemy, you an empty the hanger, and watch all the units fly out. I'd love to see 10 tie units flying out of the hanger when you start an attack. But wave after wave of them just gets annoying.
  • Asteroids. They provide the computer with cover and hides them from view, but it won't allow your own units to hide in them. The computer always attacks them straight off. Also you should be able to have a 'hide' button ala total war. Pressing the hide button would stop all fighters in there and prepping for an ambush. Perhaps also hiding their mark on the minimap.
  • Someone was talking about simplicity. To begin with, i was playing the tutorial and it all was going over my head. But having played it for a few hours, it's all fine, infact, at times it's like playing Wrist, the card game. The enemy throws down a 2 of clubs, you put down a 5 of clubs, he trumps it with a 3 of hearts, and you top it with a 10. Theres nothing in there to break it up and make it really tactical, it's all too simple!
  • The MF is far too powerful, i managed to beat two of the star destroyers and the starbase single handily, yes it took about 40 minutes to do it, and i used a few transports as distractions in the last 5minutes. But the point is, it's very much a Gandalf character, (BFME) it's far, far too overpowerful. But i don't know what it's like in context with the other units.
  • Scale, it's no good, i really don't like the scale. The point of the films, is that the fighters are like little ants, with these huge ships. It would give it such a more cinematic feel and far, far more epic.
  • The tractor beam effect is really poor. I really dislike the swirling effect. Look really poor considering the work you've done on the rest of it.
  • Last point, the funny shaped Rebel ship, (don't know the name) the one that holds missiles, and used as an artillery type ship. Well that thing can fire across the map, i'm not sure if its simply the mod having bugs, or if it's meant to be like that? But it's silly.

I could keep going on :P

Graphics wise: You should up the bars on everything in the advanced, cross the 3 options, bloom and 2 others. Put the anti aliasing onto full and the detail level too full. Then it's absolutly gorgeous and film like.

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