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Okay I found out the solution (sort of).

Hold the right control key, while also holding the middle mouse (mouse wheel button on my logitech optical) while moving the mouse to the sides or up and down. This lets you "rotate."

Right Control+MiddleMouseWheel (hold both) + move mouse = view rotation

I can target the Supply Dock and all those other stupid points that otherwise disappear. So I rotated around to the back of the station, targetted the supply dock. Got it down to 2% and kept pounding away (note: this is after destroying ONLY the shield generator on the station beforehand, and of course wiping out the capital ships)... FATAL EXCEPTION OCCURED. EaW.exe is shut down...

LOL! So how on earth are people beating this demo?? Okay, I give up for tonight. If anybody else has any ideas, let me know.

So I'm assuming if you destroy all the hard points on the "front" then the back ones disappear. If you destroy the back ones first, the game crashes, or at least if you do the Supply dock first. Perhaps there is an order you can destroy them in that prevents a crash or half of them turning invisible. Heh

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