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I had an idea a while ago (not SW but would adapt well)
It would be set in a coruscant ghetto, the style would be reminescent of New Mombasa from halo 2, you have a canyon like valley with opposing fortresses in either wall which slope down into a center valley (like a halfpipe), a large garage at the base of each, the center open area has one small bunker in the middle (for ctf and strategic occupation) and a shallow drainage creek splitting around both sides of the bunker, the center area has trenches and foxholes for sniper protection while crossing the map but they're spaced enough to avoid hindering vehicle combat, the center area and fronts of the bases all have little cover requiring a mad dash across it to get to the close quarters fortress interiors, the interiors are made of multiple levels, each with an open view of the center battlefield (sniper heaven) with turrets and "remote" control terminals, the main CP is at the top of each fortress.

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