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Let's face it, everytime there's a new game, we go through this. Tons of people posting like madmen, and few people reading the stickies, using the search function or reading the other topics before posting their own. And as a result of having to delete/edit/move dozens of threads or posts, patience on our part can get short. We get a large influx of people who are new and many who are frankly clueless. If you're not part of the problem, then don't be offended if we get a little short with those who are.

So bear with us, and understand we're all doing the best we can. Some of us (like me) just haven't had as much freetime lately, and so other people are doing probably more than their fair share of work around here. It's not any disrespect, it's just one of those things. We're lucky to have such a dedicated staff.

Some people even forget that this isn't a chat room, but a discussion board. Sometimes you have to just sit back and give people a chance. Recently I've posted and gone to fix a typo, or noticed that while I was posting, two or three people respond already. That's crazy, but it happens at times like these...

So my advice to people is just use some common sense. Read the other topics and post within the topic. Not everyone needs to try to grab center stage with every new thought they have. If it's already covered someplace, contribute to that discussion.

People CAN edit their own posts, last time I checked, so if you make a blunder, just get at it right away before some moderator has a coronary.

Don't be afraid to speak your mind, but do think before you post, that's all we ask. Respect, common sense, and it's all good.

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