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Lost Cause II Part 6

And with that we have passed the half way point of the sequel to the saga without hope. And yes I know like LiMP RABBiT I too have risen from the dark pit of forum inactivity to bring forth a thread for comments on the saga thus far (I too can't get used to calling him MJ...). But anyway so far we have seen Number 2 defect to the rebels, Daleks charging blindly into asteriods, and Yadda calling Mouldy-Bun a pompous british bitch. So after all that can we really see Part 6 improving upon this? But of course says Davros (it is one of those new lines I swear by it). Eye of the Yadda! And here I thought that swamp planet would have made Yadda soft. Obviously though that does not turn out to be the case with Lube's special training. Now though we have to worry about Lube being able to survive his this training and get his hand on some coupons. But yea that is about all I have to say on this part for now, what does everyone else think about Yadda kicking Lube's ass?
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