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Originally Posted by eastcoast2895
i remember in the thrawn trilogy, i think it was in a book, that they talked about the emporer was actually sort of coordinating the entire empire fleet through the force and that once he was killed the empire fleet lost all of its organization and that was the reason they were unable to defeat the rebels.
Yeah he was using battle meditation same thing bastilla uses in KOTOR and nomi sunrider, anyway after losing the emporer all the imperial officers went into some sort of state of confusion.

As for the ewoks its not really said in the movie but it seems there was actually ment to be hundreds and hundreds of them gathered from all the tribes in the area so it was more a case the storm troopers where overwhelmed by the sheer number of them.

Also remember that storm troopers helmets vision seems to be terrible making it easy for the little buggers to suprise them.

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