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What I'd really like to see is a redone, Naboo: Plains. Think the one from BF1 on steroids

Basicly the rebels main base is in the swamps located at the far end of the map, the Imperials meanwhile attack with an AT-AT from the other end, flanked by several AT-ST's and some speeder bikes. In between the two the rebels would control three more middle CP's surrounded by trees and ruins for fortifications, also on the map near the center CP would be two of those huge Fambaa sheilds where gungan allies spawn, basicly giving you cover from the AT-AT from afar. In between are wide stretches of rolling grassy plains which give you little cover from enemy fire.

So basicly the rebels start out with the strong defensive position and the imperials have the strong firepower. Thats my idea for the ideal Naboo map.

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