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I agree, mostly on 1 and 4. Also I took a look at the rebel techtree, and I seriously hope that's not all of it. Otherwise they seem very limited on ships as well as ground troops. I think 20 different units for each combat should be the minimum.

So far there's:
2 types of fighters
1 type of bombers
Correlian Corvette
Correlian Gunship
Marauder Corvette
Neb-B crashed into MC cruiser like thing,
MC cruiser

And that's about it. Maybe I forgot 1 or 2, but it's still not anywhere near 20 types. And some of them may not be different from others, just upgraded versions. As there are only a few buildable.

I also don't like the idea of buildspots. I hated LOTR:BFME for it. They also seem to be placed on somewhat illogical places.
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