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Combat Sim Arena 3.0

I just uploaded version 3 of the Combat Simulation Arena to PCGM. It only has some minor adjustments from the test-version (posted a couple of months ago), but since I've had little time left to work on mods recently I figured it was better to release it rather than just let it collect more dust, and then release any further improvements as a new version instead, if any.

It can be found here.

New in version 3:
  • Fixed Random Loot for the DeathMatch so all Jedi Robe types can be dropped (which doesn't happen in the rest of the game without a mod).
  • Included two turret minigame simulators in the Hutt's room. They should offer a bit more challenge than the standard game turret minigames. You gain XP for shooting down enemy Fighters.
  • Fixed arena console problem to make it easier to select and activate with the keyboard. (Placeables stuck in walls can only be selected with the mouse for some reason...)
  • Added a "Winged Drexl" monster to fight against with a skin texture made by "General Kenobi". Thanks!
  • Added a new "Defend the Holocron" test game type where the player must defend a holcron for 5 minutes while enemies continously spawn in and try to destroy it. I don't know how balanced this game type is for different levels of players. For my lvl 32 test character + party members it was hard but not impossible. Feedback would be appreciated. (Hint: Enemies can be briefly distracted from their objective by damaging them. Use force powers, rockets and grenades to incapacitate them as well.)

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