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Originally Posted by Katarn07
Are they? I haven't had a problem with them yet. The only one who I still occasionly 'play' with is Luke to make his shirt not so poofy. I have them all in their packages as well since they're so damned cool. I only have 4 vintage guys on the card, and none in good shape. Vintage cards are by far the best packaging ever done for these figures. OTC are pretty cool too.

Yeah. I am more into the WotC miniatures because Hasbro keeps remaking the same stuff over, and over, and over, and over. WotC makes all sorts of generic aliens (and a lot of Vaders but at least he's cool enough to get 1000 ).
I took one of my sets out of the package. At one point, I was selling them on EBay, and I had so many left. The hands and feet are fragile. The detail on the figures are pretty cool.

Yeah! I agree. Eventhough they are reprints, the backings are so authentic. I think Hasbro did an ecellent job on them.

WotC miniatures? What are they?
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