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Missile Curisers

Both Empire and Rebel have a version of this ship, i tried the Rebel version in a Mod for the demo , i must say this is a Great ship.

:Note: (these are only demo specs)

Marauader Cruiser
Cost:2000 Credits

Weapons: 4 Missile Hard Ports
Armor/Sheilding: Weak
Speed: Slow
Range: Extremely Long
Accuracy: Low
Special Ability: Barrage

Strong Against:
Space Station
Tie Fighter
Tie Bomber

Weak Against:
Star destroyers
Medium Capital Ships

So your saying,what makes this ship so great ?

Well lets find out!

The Marauader Cruiser is best used at long range, out side of the reach of Enemy Capital ships and their nasty turbo lasers. It fires Diamond Boron Missiles which penatrate shields, striking hard ports directly, negating Shields altogether.

Its Special ability is where this ship really shines!
The Barrage ability will fire a continous volley of missiles and a target area for roughly 30 seconds, causing area splash damage to anything in the target area. This will completely destroy any fighter squadrons in , or passing thru the target area. It will aslo damage any capital ships that cant get out of the area fast enough.

However, laying down missile barrages against enemy ships is not what this ship is best used for,

I've tried this tactic a few times now , using the Chriz Mod V 4.

Ok , my attack fleet consisted of 5 Marauader Cruisers, 5 Corellian Gunships, and a Squadron or two of A-wings. The A-wings use their speed to scout out the enemy Station thru the Fog of War. Once the Station is discovered the A-Wings will draw enemy fighters away from my main attack fleet.
The main fleet consisting of the Cruisers and Gunships will begin their attack.

The Cruisers , giving their long attack range should already be able to hit the station without having to move closer, which keeps them from having to engage enemy Capital ships. The Gunships , will play a support role, keeping enemy fighters and Corvettes away from my fragile Cruisers.

My Missiles Cruisers will open up on the Station with their Barrage Ability ,not targeting Hard ports , but the space around the station itself. This will maximize the area affect damage to all station hard ports and any enemy ships around the station.

This hit and run tactic will make short work of an enemy station , using a small attack fleet from range , without having to endanger your fleet in a close quaters battle you cant win, leaving your fleet to hyperspace away once the job has been done, or if need be to sacrafice a few ships to take down any Gravity Wells , so that the main fleet can escape.

Feel free to try this for yourself , or share some of your own tactics!

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