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Okay I tested out "Bryant's Mod" and got to play around with some of the new ships (though I couldn't figure out how to actually Fight the death star, I just kept fighting the same planet over and over again where the DS was parked, but maybe there's just no real way to do so in the demo, even with cheats like this).

The trouble is, you have to avoid ANY planet with a starbase, because they're ALL like that in terms of the bug! Any space station will manifest the bug... very frustrating.

Also, I'm not sure if it's part of the mod or what, but those tarton (sp?) transports are UBER. Basically only one out of every 10 turbolasers seems to even hit them (most go clean through their ships, but their shots hit you!). So it takes an entire fleet about 5 minutes to eliminate a pair of them! You can try bombarding the area with the Maurader (sp?) ships, which works against the "uber" Imperial shuttle (shots go through that one too!) but these transports move too quickly for the explosions to do much damage. You can't even TARGET them, you have to instead have your ships use "move attack" to hit the area they are occupying. Insane...

Anyway, I'll try the order you suggested. I'll send the Falcon to do surgical strikes on the 1) Shields, then 2) Supply Depot, then 3) Hangar, then 4) the rest of the targets and see how that works. Annoying way to have to do it, but I'm willing to try any workaround just to get through this demo!

As for targetting the station itself, yes, I thought of that. Once the hard points disappear, you can no longer target the station. Your attack crosshair turns yellow, meaning you can from then on only target TIE's, nothing on the station, period...

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