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1) There is a MAJOR bug in the demo, that ought to be fixed in the full game (and possibly a demo patch released since as is, you'd have to use mods to cheat your way past the problem areas) wherein the hard points on the "Space Stations" (for example the one in the asteroid field in the single player Galactic Conquest campaign for the Rebels) disappear if you destroy them in the wrong order or crash the game or make it impossible to win.

2) Also, the fact that the HUD disappears when you zoom out too far is rather annoying. I realize the dev team must have figured that removing the interface would be a nice way to see more of the action, but a better solution would be to simply have a key that toggles the display on or off at ANY zoom level. And of course the fuctions should always be available via hotkeys, even if the interface is not explicitly visible.

3) The ability to zoom the map in or out (the mini map) might be useful, as well as the ability to setup little markers or "hot zones" (save a spot and bind it to a key so you can "zip" there anytime). These kinds of things have been in other sorts of RTS games like Warcraft III and are very useful. Will the game allow the recording of "demos" or "replays"? I hope so!

4) In the Demo tutorial, when you send a "Probe Droid" to a planet on the map, it shows the outline of a regular ship taking the Probe droid in. Rather, shouldn't it be like those "pods" we see sending the probe droids to Hoth in Empire Strikes Back? Just a little nitpick that might add some more "Star Wars Realism."

5a) This is a "fun" request, but the Banthas and other wildlife need to be killable, even the ones that can't hurt you. The Empire LOVES to stomp on little bunny rabbits! Target practice and morale boosters, obviously.

5b) I realize putting in funny comments that the units would say if you click on them too rapidly without issuing an order would take a lot of extra work, but simply being able to shoot down a Bantha by targetting it wouldn't be much work and quite fun/funny as well!

6) Also, I sincerely hope that Linux dedicated server support is planned! I've probably already said that a million times, but that, along with support for the game after it's been released is sorely needed. Look at all the nonesense we've gone through with games like Battlefront and Republic Commando. Compare to the sheer awesomeness of the support for games like Jedi Academy. Make this game the best it can be, and hopefully LucasArts will let you continue to polish up the product.

It's a good sign that Empire at War was not rushed out the door to coincide with some Star Wars DVD release like some other titles, nor dumbed down to appease some percieved console gamer expectations!

So best of luck! May the Force Be With You...

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