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Thoughts in no particular order.

Maps: Waaay too small, even for a mainstream game. Tactics are near nulified by the limited space maps which are very path based.
Wildlife: Seemed a bit excessive at some points. Zooming out on the Tatooine map there were are least 7 banthas wandering about under the shield. I support having them killable.
Pathfinding: This felt really cumbersome, especially on the space maps when lots of units were present (not to mention hyperspacing in a fleet and finding 80% of my capital ships either out of the game area or inside an asteroid field).
Galaxy: Somewhat disapointed that it was so small (43 planets). Will the full game include tools to createe planets/ground terrain for expansion?
Tutorials: Couldn't be skipped once started.
Non-Linear Inverse Perspective Scaling A.K.A. fighter scaling: Disapointed that this can't be toggled.
Camera: I agree with a HUD toggle for any level.
Abilities: Many seemed useless on such limited battlefield, namely ones which aid in units escaping (where is there to engine burn to?)
Other: Annoying having limited units and timeline. Room for ROTJ expansion?
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