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Okay what you guys suggested worked. I took the Falcon in Solo (pun intended) and took out:

1) Shield Generator
2) Supply Depot
3) Went crazy and sent the rest of the fleet to target the hangar. Put it into cinema mode and watched the fun.

The trick seems also to be that you have to zoom out maximum looking at almost the top of the structure. Put it in normal mode (not fast mode.. for some reason it seems the targets disappear faster there), and move it from the edge of a nearby hardpoint quickly to the one you need. Really stupid way to do it, but oh well...

I finally made it to Tatooine!

No wonder the Empire didn't care about that planet in the movies... heh. Seriously though, they were clever to remove the ability to save your game. I just don't have the patience to strategize properly and win this one in one sitting. Obviously you have to manage everything really well, because you can't bring in your transports with everything you need, you're really spread out, while they're all clustered together under a nice shield. Somehow you can capture bulidings and vehicles, but I could never get that to work, so I gave up.

Interesting demo, but it needs some fixes, hopefully they remember that when the real game goes to press!

PS: I built my fleet up so big with the mod that it was causing my system to crash from the heat. I have since cooled my computer down and just switched to the "normal" demo (no extra XML files or anything) to see what I could do. But I think for now if I play anymore it will be with mods just so I can skip the boring parts, like anything with a space station.

As for Chriz's mod 4, I kind of wanted to avoid using any hacked EXE's if at all possible...

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