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Originally Posted by Darkfyre
Ships do add up to twenty I think, just as a total not as a per side thing.

Rebel space forces are:
Z-95 Headhunter
T65 X-Wing
CR90 Correllian Corvette
Correllian Gunship
Marauder Corvette
Nebulon-B Frigate
Assault Frigate
MC80 Mon Calamari Cruiser

Nine units in the demo, you also gain access to the A-Wing with the hacks, so ten for Rebels.

Imperials will be having:

TIE Fighter
TIE Scout
TIE Bomber
Acclamator Cruiser
Victory-class Star Destroyer
Imperial-class Star Destroyer
Tartan Patrol Cruiser
Broadside Cruiser
Interdictor Cruiser
IPV 1 Imperial Patrol Vessel

Ten Imp ships. Fairly balanced group, but while neither side has 20 types, combined they add up to that total.

I did mean types of units per side. And I think 10 is not enough. and I don't mean 20 is the absolute minimum, but just a guideline. A unit more or less doesn't make any difference. I think there's too much of a gap between the normal cruisers and the really big ones (such as the ISD and the MC 80). There should be something like an MC 40 or a Dreadnought in between.
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