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Posts: 49 here is the thing...milkshape broke down on one of my two coputers... and on the seckond one no xsi, md3 or whatever export...gmax can export md3 but cannot import .glm or .ms3d in wich the surfaces are held...3d studio max won't work...and i need a charachter/player model to put it in a map just to add a cherry too the martini...i still can't figure out exactly what i am supposed to be doing...carcass sth, assimilatte other and the help file didn't quite help me...and now that i remembered you have your own tutorials(wich i avoided due to some programs i couldn't get my hands on, namely: 3dsmax) i noticed you are updating...XD

somebody "up there" doesn't want me to model...

but truly...i have almost lost all hope to ever be able to finish this myself, so i am still looking for a modeler to rig together the surfaces. the email is at the top of the page when you decide to help me. =) =d
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