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(Three weeks has passed since the destuction of Niaj Qad)

Phinius walked to the hanger and got onto a boarding craft. Several other Jedi got in and several soliders also entered the ship. The ship took off within moments. Phinius felt his stomach flip and watched as the two enemy fleets clashed. The ship Phinius was in offered a cloaking device and was invisible to the enemy. The ship managed to get too close to the capitol ship before anyone notcied.The ship came under fire but it didn't matter the ship was already in side the hanger. The ship was immediatly fired at by ground troops. The Jedi and soldiers inside jumped out and staright into combat. Phinius sensed a dark power. He deflected back a blast from a enemy solider. The Jedi had managed to infiltrate the enemy capitol ship it was only a matter of time until...
A shadow moved. A dark jedi jumped down from the ceiling and slashed at two jedi killing them immediatly with his single red lightsaber. Phinius knew this was the sith lord. The hooded figure turned. And lowerd his hood. Phinius gapsed. The man was half man and half machine...Zion Romantix was back and it looked like he had been upgraded.....


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