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You've played the demo. Will you buy the game?

Personally, having played the demo, I was left stunned by what I had seen in what was, for me, and extremely short demo. Having told Lucasarts my thoughts on Friday and chatting to them about the Mods already, (which shocked them that Mods were out so quickly) did leave me a little disappointed because the demo was just too short.

Theres been alot of debate about Mods/Hacks (call it what you will) but for me, this has delivered the kind of experience we should have got in the demo itself.

Watching the large capitol ships in action, learning how the galactic map works has put this game at the top of my list and ive actually REMOVED Rebellion/Supremacy from my 2nd CD drive for the first time in over a year.

What have your overall thoughts been about the demo? Was the demo enough for you to decide, or did the Mods make your decision?

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