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1. GB is a 2D game that "looks 3D", EAW is true 3D. (how close can you zoom in to GB? Not nearly as close as EAW)
2. Look at the environment textures for a few minutes...just compare them and see how plastic GB's look. Also some units in GB just look like red and white blurs.
3. Blaster fire looked pathetic in GB.
4. I would argue that detail is also less because the units are horribly portrayed in GB. Each side is the same except for a bonus or two and a happy little unique unit that for the most part makes little to no difference.
5. And finally, AOK was a better game than GB. GB was a canned game, prepackaged and wrapped, a present I'd already opened many times before and was tired of. EAW has a very fresh feel and has innovation throughout. Doesn't really relate to detail, but worth noting just the same.

EAW gets the details right where they count.

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