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Originally Posted by Punisher2005
(which begs the question, why not release it sooner?)
What, release it including the bugs from the demo?

I think you have to keep in mind that the mods are hacking an old version of the game engine, and probably aren't indicative of the real game (ie, 4, 5, 7D). I haven't had any problems issuing orders while paused. (Very useful in frantic combat situations!) For that matter, I haven't had any problem destroying that Imperial space station... The Petroglyph guys on this forum already said, in the "Demo Feedback" thread that everyone's been ignoring, that build times and travel times will be much slower in the full game than in the demo, so I don't think the galactic map will be that hectic. However, I like the idea of setting a shipyard somewhere to churn out corvettes or fighters--I remember being able to do that in Rebellion. An encyclopedic view of the planets and what forces you have on them would also be really good for coordinating large-scale strategies. On a related note, being able to name ships or fleets could be not only fun, but useful for organization (ie, "Ryloth attack fleet," "Hoth garrison fleet," etc).

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