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Actually I meant release the demo sooner, not the game, since as you stated, the devs say it is based on a 4 month old engine, I am assuming the demo could have been released 4 months ago....

Also, in a few of my points, I mention that I don't know if it's a bug in the demo or the mod. I realize that the modders are forcing the demo to do things that weren't intended and that's why I don't make a big thing about the "bugs", but do mention them in case they are actual demo/game problems that haven't been fixed/noticed by the devs.
however, some of the items, such as build que are gameplay items.
Also, even if the build/travel times are slower, the longer the game goes on the more hectic it will be, especially with the move to any adjecent planet thing. The front lines could be 10 planets wide and if you have 4 different attacks going on, it could be confusing, especially since you have to goto each planets surface in real time to see whats there...
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