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Alright that's it, I finally beat the demo. This time I just bided my time and raised enough cash to build a giant ground army to totally invade Tatooine and just throw troops at them like there was no tomorrow (after the tedius and annoying destruction of everything else before Tatooine). I managed to secure victory, but WITHOUT attacking the Tuskens! I guess the Rebellion showed them mercy...

But then as the Victory was appearing, I quickly right clicked (to signal my entire army to attack their village), and they started heading slowly in that direction and continued to bear down as the screen faded. Imperial retreat.. yay!

I might play some more of it next weekend if I have time, to see the Imperial stuff with more mods. Despite all the glitches and bugs, not bad at all. Again, strongly reminds me of Dune (makes me want to play THAT game again, that game had atmosphere!).

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