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The demo appears to be good, and I do hope it's an good indication for the final product. Just a few minor issues so far.

1. The demo AI, although that's easy to fix using one of the mods.

2. Way too short,although partly caused by the AI.

3. Build spots, I like the idea of limited buildings per planet (although the number should be reasonable). However I don't like the idea of having a limited defense on the battle map. So the build spots there need to go. That way I am able to defend my drop points, and set up a well defended small heal and repair base. Maybe have an infantry troop create them.

4. There are some illogical in the demo, while there are already logical units that fill the same role. Although this may be fixed with some modding. For Example the TIE Mauler can be replaced by the AT-PT, and the TIE scout can be replaced by the TIE advanced. I'd also like to be able to fill up the ships and I'd like to see the TIE interceptor to take care of those nasty A-Wings used by the rebel scum.

5. I'm not sure about this, but it appears the rebel scum has better ships than the emperors own (in the unit is strong vs and weak vs screen). However neary all the imperial units come with added squadrons (not sure about the rebels, but I think they don't get them), I do not know how to see this. So, does a fullly loaded MC80 Cruiser (if it carries any fighters) beat a fully loaded Imperial StarDestroyer? According to the weak/strong list, it should beat one when empty vs empty, but it's weak against bombers and the ISD has those as well.

6. I think the defender on a ground map should also be able to use bombing, if he has the correct building/bombers stationed etc. I think this should be done by either allowing small ships to be garrisoned on the ground, or by building a hangar that gives you acces to bombing runs.
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