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Originally Posted by lonepadawan
"actually the explanation I heard pre-prequels as to why the Imperials were able to attack through the rebel shield was that the terrain features prevent shields from covering all the way to the ground, kind of like an umbrella if you will.

But of course that explanation was shot by Lucas' plasma looking shield the Gungan's used in Ep I.

/sry OT biase"

Well if we assume they work in the same way, the Imperials could just land outside the shield and walk in.
Which is exactly what they did in ESB They landed a distance away from the shield and walked under it instead of calling in an orbital bombardment to flatten it.

The only way they couldn't land is if the shields were layered like Coruscant's are in EU so that they cover the entire planet. That's my understanding of OT shields. Especially considering that even though the deathstar was covered by a planetary shield, the rebels pulled away from it because if they crashed into the shield they'd be toasted.

Yet I understand why EAW is going with the Gungan plasma shield type thing, it has the Lucas movie stamp.

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