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Originally Posted by darthfergie
actually, the shield generator doesn't stop me from bombarding their base...which is weird. The devs need to tweek that, because in the demo if you put a bombardment on the edge of the shield generator area, the bombers still end up blowing stuff up that's inside the shield. Half of the bombardment goes outside, and the other half, inside. It takes out those large laser turrets on Tat quite easily.

If the bombardment goes THROUGH the shields, then we can only surmise that these are pure ray shields. If that's the case, then logically ground units with missiles (physical projectiles rather than lasers) should be able to penetrate the shield just as well as the bombers. Otherwise you'd think the shield itself would be damaged, and maybe the generator itself (from the heavy impacts) rather than just going through it. Then again SW technology is mysterious and fantastic, but I'm just trying to go with what we've logically seen before now.

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