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Originally Posted by lonepadawan
"They resemble the Gungan theater shields in Episode I. That's the one and only time we've ever seen such shields used in Star Wars that I know of."

Well in ESB the Rebels get a shield generator up before the Imperials arrive and vader is annoyed because he can't simply bomb/bombard the base, and is forced to order a ground assault, so we can assume this shield generator works in the same way, though much larger and more powerful..

I think I posted about this yonks ago.. I'm really glad they decided to do it this way as it's far superior to the old "give shields to all units within the radius"

I wonder if the Gungan natives will have fambaa shield generators.. they could be put to really good use in this game..
We never SEE theater shields in the movies besides Episode I, I said.

The ESB shield protects a portion of the planet, but it's invisible. The planetary shield that surrounds the Death Star II (and the novel says it covers the entire forest moon of Endor as well) is also invisible, but it's a planetary shield, not a theater shield. For all we know the one in ESB looked exactly like the Gungan one (only much much larger) we just never saw it because it was so far away, and the walkers just walked through it (and something about theater shields being dangerous to hovercraft and biological beings, so they had to be inside their armored walkers to pass through safely).

I'm sure they went with the Gungan model because it's a big visual effect, and "looks pretty and sci fi-ish" for the game. It's easier to tell there's a shield up if you see a big blue swirly thing there.

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