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Yes, again the first Death Star had a planetary shield (for lack of a better term) but it was not the same as the one used on the Death Star II, because it was described as a "magnetic field" that the ships could pass through. The DS2 one they had to avoid or they would be destroyed (in the original screenplay ships actually touched the edge of the shield and were damaged or destroyed by it). In ANH they slow down ("accelerate to attack speed" though they actually are moving much faster towards the DS than through it) and pass through safely. Not a theater shield, and it's invisible.

I noticed also in the game that they put big blue auras around ships that "Boost shields." So perhaps you could take it as a non-literal visual effect for gameplay sake. Ie: like those red glows for boosted combat effectivness or the red crosses for healing. That doesn't necessarily mean that's what we'd see if it were all real life. But the energy shield thing is probably the only thing there that has a precedent as a visual effect in the movies. Other than the Gungan theater shields, the Destroyer Droid personal shields, the red force fields at the Naboo factory, and the "ray shields" on Grievous's ship, all Star Wars shields we've encountered have been invisible (though a few times we see shield sections on ships briefly flash white when hit in the classic trilogy).

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