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In reply to the first post;

1) I agree with you here, it would be nice to selectively choose my starting fleet rather than having to guess which ones will be brought in. But, I can live with it.

2) Afaik, that's been disabled for the demo and will be available in the full game.

3) A bug with the demo that many have pointed out. Personally I don't have it but I expect it won't be in the full game.

4) That's a mod problem. The demo only contains the maps from the tutorial, the asteroid field space level, Tatooine ground and the space battle in the background of the main menu. That means that mods have just repeated these levels. The full game will have a different map for each planet.

5) I think this is more of an issue with the mods, Hard to tell what the difficulty in the full game will be like, but it will be scalable if needed.

6) I've yet to issue any command in pause mode as I prefer to play the games in real time if possible. Not sure how exactly this will work in the full game, but I don't see any reason for movement commands while paused personally. But that may just be me.

7A) Please, no. I find turn based games tedious, and I quite enjoy the map working the way it is. Although it may get hectic, all the more reason to keep an eye on your opponents forces to know where they can attack.

7B) There is a planet breakdown page that shows the income from each planet, the amount it adds to your reinforcement pool, upgrades and what it's currently producing. Hit the question mark below the droid advisor in Galactic mode then choose the summary tab.

7C) Again, I don't like this. It takes away the control you have over the game and begins to turn it into an automated process. The Galactic map is designed to allow you to choose how to build things and when, rather than setting an automatic build que.

7D) I agree that some of the outer rim planets should be like this, making them ideal for a base as you can line up defenses infront of them. But again, I don't mind too much.

8) I don't personally see the point in this as Bombing runs will have nearly exactly the same effect negating the point of it.

And hopefully save will be working in the final product, as I expect it will be.
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