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{LoR} Lords of Ruin Recruiting

Hi, i'm Socompsycho from the Lords of Ruin clan {LoR}. We are a newly founded clan with a very experienced leadership. We've all been running clans together for several years and have a very good understanding of what it takes to become successful. We currently are in the process of getting webspace for our website that is in developement. We have already purchased the domain name for the website which is (This is not working yet). We are looking for dedicated members to help continue moving the clan foward.

24/7 Server ip: (32 slot)

Contact info:
xfire- socompsycho

You may contact any of the 3 above for information about the clan or you can post at our clan fourms. If you are interested in joining simply read the instructions on the fourms about recruitment.

Lords of Ruins forums

We hope to see you in the clan soon.

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