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((I'm sure red would have problems with that 15, didnt aren give kioet that ship???

just a note: if the council was paying any attention, they could have (and prolly couldnt have ignored either) sensed F. Irvine right before he pulled Irvine into the other realm... (and besides the fact that now that Irivne cant be sensed))

Shadow Realm, Coruscant

*Irvine scrambles backward.*

Irvine "No! You were killed! Father destoyed you, I saw it!"

*Irvine's dark clone let's out a gut-busting laugh*

F. Irvine "You fool you think that if I killed Cracken, that he'd have a contingency plan too?"

Irvine "The child... But wait. How are you...?"

F. Irvine "I'll keep it simple, stupid. What your physical self is, isn't in this realm. What you appear to be in this realm is what your soul, your spirit, your essence, reveals itself your true self." *laughs again* "I'm mean, look at yourself! You honestly think you can convince everyone that your hair color is actually red??"

*Irvine stands up and let's his hair fall infront of his face. Jet black.*

F. irvine *laughing* "I think you do it so often that you confuse yourself as just as much as everyone!"

*Irvine grits his teeth, beginning to feel insulted.*

F. Irvine *Stops laughing taking a breath* "You,... you know, with that black hair, you are a splitting image of Cracken!"

*Irvine jerks his head up, with surprise on his face. And F. Irvine walks up to Irvine.*

F. Irvine "The sad thing is, is that it's not your fault. Brother."

Irvine "You call me brother, yet you stopped calling Cracken your father."

F. Irvine "Ha! I have reasons. But the fact is that I'm here to help you..."

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