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Why yes, actually. I've rented "Super Size Me" and was able to see Pulp Fiction.

1. Super Size Me is obviously a documentary that followed the eating habits of those in America, specifically the fast-food aspect. It followed one man's mission to show how unhealthy this "McDonald's Diet" really is as he ate nothing but that food for 30 days. It quite disgusting and gross when you get down to it, but it had really good insight on the fact that my nation is eating itself into death.

2. Pulp Fiction. Hmm...its really hard to explain this movie except that it details all of the little things you notice in life. Like footrubs and the women's bathroom. To understand what the hell I'm talking about you'll just have to see the movie. Anyway, the movie is mixed in with a lot of base human emotions and portrayal of life. Sometimes it seems almost as if you're right in the scene as the camera is fixed off-center and you can hear and see an argument/conversation/event right off to the side. Also, the camera sometimes lingers for a few seconds longer, leaving an almost sinister and tense feeling rise up.

Of course it always throws some repulsive or vulgar joke in there that can be profound, strangely accurate, or just plain fun.

^Above picture=awesome.
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