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I am new to these forums, originally I was only part of the Empire At War forums, but for reasons I do not know or care I was asked to re-register for the Empire At forums and now have access to these forums as well. Seeing as how it seams these forums and the individuals who grace them appear to be more understanding then most I have a question about what is "cannon".

Ever since reading the NJO and discovering this new Jedi Philosophy, can't exactly remember what it was called or even if it had a name. But is it considered "cannon"? Me personally being a big fan of the original three ever since I was a child, always considered the force to have two sides the Light and Dark, and have direct consequences for using anger to fuel ones power in the force. So where does this new Jedi Philosophy fit in? If it fits in at all?

Thank You for taking your time to read and reply to my question.
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