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Hello splintercell, welcome to the EU forums

This question is equally applicable in the Dark Nest Trilogy thread, but also applies in this discussion. The first page of this thread outlines Lucasfilm Licensing's current canon classification standard.

The novels, books, comics, even the Clone Wars series fall into a secondary category called C-level. Thi "highest" level is G-level basically anything that appears in the movies or screenplays, and was written by George Lucas himself. Therefore, even the movie novelisations(except ANH) can be considered C level canon.

Hence, the NJO and the Dark Nest books are definitely canon.

As for the revised force philosophy, this isnt really held by all the jedi. If you read the Dark Nest Trilogy, you will learn about the clashes this is causing in the jedi order. There is more discussion about this in the Dark Nest thread(see main page). Personally, I find the new philosophy refreshing, but it doesnt seem like its going to be adhered to by most of the jedi, in particular the Masters Council.


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