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Originally Posted by JofaGuht
I wasn't huge on Super Size Me because it seemed a tad pointless. I mean who doesn't know fast food is bad for you? Why make a movie exposing something that's already common knowledge? Then again, maybe it just doesn't hit me because I seldom eat fast food (that isn't Lion's Choice).

I saw a Japanese film called "Last Life in the Universe" and I thought it was quite well done. It was very minimal. I love that, for not much to be going on so you can see how much goes on when not that much goes on...if that makes sense. Basically it's very subtextual and thin. It's also beautifully shot. I highly recommend it.
To answer your question about "Why the movie was made". I've watched the movie and the reason the maker of the movie had was: (he said it in the movie) that because a girl in America had sewed (might be misspelled) some major food chains because they were the cause of some defect she had gotten (she accused them of that), the court came to the conclusion at the end of the trial that fast food "wasen't bad and hadn't caused those defect". Getting to the point: He wanted to show that the fast food can cause serious defects (prove that the court order was wrong).

If you ask me i belive that he made the movie because he wanted some fast credits.

Back on topic, an good movie that i recently watched is Seven Samurai, yes, i know it's old but i still enjoyed it. It seemed more Authenthic then most movie nowadays made about samurais and the like.
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