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It would probably be more appropriate to re-classify humans to Pan sapiens sapiens rather than to re-classify Pan troglodytes or P. paniscus to the genus Homo.

Still, humanity is to anthropocentric to accept such a move. We still have those among our species that seek to remove populations within the species or cleanse them. We're also far to egocentric to accept the closeness with another animal to allow chimps/bonobos to be reclassified H. troglodytes and H. paniscus. And we're certainly too full of ourselves to allow our own genus to be renamed to P. sapiens sapiens.

The chimps and bonobos may be better off keeping their distance from the human species for the time being.

Still, there is little present in humanity that cannot be found in chimp culture: language, war, politics, sexual behaviors, friendships, altruism, family values, abstract thinking, etc, etc.

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