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I think it's very sad that ALL SF shows get cancelled. Futurama I miss the most, as it was far more witty than any other comedy out there, and very well drawn.

Original Star Trek was classic. Where would we be if Bill Gates was not a trekkie that wanted to see computers as pervasive as in ST. Amazing how much of today's tech was inspired by that cheesy but fun old show.

Babylon5 was great, loved the continuing story even if the acting was a little weak. They blew things up good too. At least they were allowed to finish the whole story. Too bad about Crusade.

I'm sure not many will agree, but I thought Enterprise was very well done. Much more interesting and fun than all Treks since the original.

Maybe we will see a Star Wars TV show if Lucas is not doing the last 3 movies? Time will tell...
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