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Originally Posted by Den of Earth
Amazing how much of today's tech was inspired by that cheesy but fun old show.

I'm sure not many will agree, but I thought Enterprise was very well done. Much more interesting and fun than all Treks since the original.

Maybe we will see a Star Wars TV show if Lucas is not doing the last 3 movies? Time will tell...
Yeah did you hear that the U.S military are making TNG communicators.

I like series 3 + 4 of enterprise but unfortunetly the first 2 did not reach high enougth standards so it lost alot of it's key audiance.

and GL is making 2 tv shows one which is going to be a C.G.I Animation (i beleive it's based around the clone wars) and a live action series based in the Revenge of the sith/A New Hope gap. This info is pretty old and dates around a month post the ROTS release.
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