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No, I downloaded two versions from two websites(I have two computers and I downloaded one later) and both have the bug.
I HAVE been able to destroy the station.
The pirate station has no bugs.()
I have been unable to destroy the tartan cruiser. The attack reticle never appears over it!
Just so you know: unless you select 'fire' on a SPECIFIC hardpoint on the station or to attack a transport or tartan cruiser, it will take NO damage even though the units autoattack it. :?
Also, some units are very hard to attack(select to attack) like the transport and anybody notice that the transports are overwheamingly strong?
I accidently sent 3 transports to enemy space, they had 3 ISD's and 2 Tartan cruisers and my transports destroyed 2 ISDs! [after a long time]

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