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Edit: I noticed you sent a pk3. I'll have a look at it...

Alright. You have a wrong retrieval function in use for the platform:

This is what you have:
move ( $get( FLOAT, "lift1_position_2")

And this is what is should be (and the buttons do have):
move ( $tag( "lift1_position_2", ORIGIN)

I have also seen many a scripter use the wrong datatype for the move command timing, but I doubt that matters at all in practice ($2000$ instead of 2000.000). I suppose this is caused by how you have set up your BehavEd.

Edit2: It would also be very wise to follow good (if not essential in this case) programming conventions and build your conditional statements using the regular if - else structures. Now you have only ifs, which is a seed for disasters.

Edit3: Notice also that _scriptrunners need the "count -1" key/value if they are to be used more than once.

Edit4: It has nothing to do with this, but your light stripe brushes in the elev shaft are for some reason an overlapping with brushes textured with the glow texture of the corresponding light stripe shader...

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