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Sneaky Droids

Story - The Confederacy of Independent Systems has constructed four new space stations in orbit of four seperate moons of the planet Yavin. The stations make use of advanced technology which pose a great threat to the Republic. The Republic must destroy these new stations and free the system of the Confederacy's occupation.
Republic plot - The Republic has dispatched a small fleet of dreadnaughts and Venator star destroyers to the Yavin system. Unprepared and in small numbers, the fleet sends waves of fighters and boarding craft to fight.
CIS plot - The Separatist forces' new stations have detected the Republic's attack. To protect their stations, the droids begin preparing their fighters, loading and manning turrets, and setting up anti-boarding parties.

To join, a simple character information post must be made before or during your initial post. A sample of this information is as follows:

-Character info--------
Name: Gamma 177
Occupation/class: Expert soldier
Faction: Republic
Age: 41
Gender: Male
Primary: DC-15 blaster rifle
Secondary: Commando pistol
Explosives: 2 timebombs, 1 thermal detonator
Other equipment: 1 fusioncutter
Type: ARC-170
Weapons: 2 light repeating blasters, proton torpedo launcher
Additional info: Multi-purpose fighter used by the Republic, has not been customized. Average power.
-Character background--
Background: Gamma 177 has been a clonetrooper for many years, and serving as an expert in teaching of military skills is his job. Once he worked aboard the RAS Prosecuter, as an engineer. He has also earned a record 300+ battle droid kills in the last year. Now he has been called to duty for an ambush on the CIS's new stations.

I will post my info later. If you have any questions, feel free to ask them. Good luck.

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