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Update: 01-23-2006 Version 1.0.21

0) Now contains the ability to capture text from the listener window to the clipboard
or to disk. Doesn't NWMax already do this? Not for me it doesn't. I've been doing
this the hard way up to now. So woohoo! This is a major help for me, at least.
(I've been trying to figure out how to do this in a manner that doesn't crash Gmax
for a while...) Generically, this could be used for any gmax script that writes to the
listener. (So it isn't necessarily limited to Kotor.)

A note here: If you have the clipboard viewer open while processing the
listener window, it will probably bail with a 'Can't open clipboard' error.

This part assumes a Kotor mdl ascii format:
(or at least uses the node - endnode / beginmodelgeom - endmodelgeom
If you choose 'Save Listener to Disk' and you select an existing ascii model file in
the "Save As" dialog, it will replace the node if it already exists or append the node
to the model (just before endmodelgeom) if it doesn't. The text in the listener
MUST be a node to do this. If it doesn't find 'node somename' it will bail.
(The file extension does NOT have to be mdl for this to work, as long as it follows
the format above.)
The program will offer to backup your file before modifying it.
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