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Viper sat quietly in a briefing room listening to the commander of the rebel alliance talking about the plan to defend Kamino. Viper knew the layout of Kamino better than any one he knew. He stood up when the commander was finished.
"There new bombers we have are capable of carrying a deadly amount of bombs and will be useful in taking out the Imperial Star Destroyers"
"Yes but the imperials have produced a new space fighter"
The plans showed up via a holagram. The Group around the table watched. Viper galnced at it and left the room. Waiting was the worst. Viper had not fought against the Imperials as sutch. The last time he had fought against the clones was on Mygeeto. He had a brief counter on a hell hole know as Earth but since then he had kept his head low to escape Lord Vader's grip. Viper stepped out into the rain and looked up. ABove he could make out the shaped of ships. His comm. Buzzed.
"Viper we are expecting the Imperials to arrive soon"
Viper got into his Firespray class ship and flew into space to meet with the CIS capital ship...


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