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Basicially Ive been experiencing massive writers block. Im trying to work out how to continue without getting too far into their relationship early in the story.While I wanted it to be obvious that Elora is in love with Revan <and in denial of her feelings> I dont want to take it to the "next level" until somwhere after the battle @ Dxun ( I imagine this would be 2/3 though the Mandalorian Wars? or closer to the end?)

Also, I have some revision to the first few chapers that I need to do (Thank you Machiavelli, you've been exceedingly helpfull.) To be honest I was feeling daunted by the writer's block and I wasnt sure If anyone besides myself would benifit fromt he continuation of the story.

Now that I know others are looking forward to It maybe I'll take another whack @ it when I get off work.

The only question I have is this:
Which would people rather see first: My Lightsaber Mod, or another chapter of my fic?

Yes, yes I know I've yet to post a wip thread. It was supposed to be a blazing suprise...but oh well.


[FIC] A Jedi's Promise

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