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Unit 221 was being fed information about enemies and such for this mission while being held in stand-by mode on a service rack. Using the data he was receiving, he began to draw out strategies that could be used to defend Kamino from the Empire. At long last, the flow of information stopped, and several wires unplugged themselves from the corporal's body. Then, its body began to take standard humanoid form: legs extending, arms bending, head lifted, as he was brought down from the service rack.

"Corporal, our ships just arrived in the Kamino system." Another said. "As of the moment, you are to report to the hangar bay. Understood?"

"Yes sir," 221 replied.

It saluted its officer, and moved toward the elevator, taking it down to the hangar. Once there, he was greeted by another comrade. All throughout the hangar, repair and service droids were working on the still-operational ships and fighters. Many squads of battle droids had been aligned against the walls of the hangar as well.

"Corporal, you will be taking part in squad 2301's mission. They are waiting."

Corporal 221 walked over to the small squad, receiving more instruction. He waited now for the Imperials to begin their assault. Hopefully to only begin their assault on Kamino.

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