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-Character info--------
Name: Viper
Occupation/class: Bounty Hunter
Faction: Republic
Age: Unknown
Gender: Male
Primary: Duel Rapid fire blaster pistols
Secondary: Blaster Rifle
Explosives: 3 Timebombs, Rocket launcher on wrist armour
Other equipment: Bounty Hunter Armour (Like Jango Fetts)
Type: ARC-170
Weapons: 2 light repeating blasters, proton torpedo launcher, EMP launcher
Additional info: Multi-purpose fighter used by the Republic, has been customized majorly. Sheilds, Power, Speed all increased.
-Character background--
Background:Viper was a great friend of Jango Fetts. Viper joined the republic when he heard of the CIS uprising. He has been in many battles and has succesfully helped the Republic defend many key command posts around the galaxy. He has been placed with a new squad called "Viper Squadron" (A group of expert pilots in both bombing and general space combat) to help destroy the CIS occupation of Yavin.


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