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Module Editor Map Requests

Fred has pretty much left altogether as far as anyone can tell so this topic is kind of redundant. I'm keeping it updated now that I'm shadowing again, but it's simply out of the thought to finish what I started. This has been here for over two years and never been acted upon, so don't expect anything to be done now.

I just thought it would be easiest for Fred Tetra if all of the module requests were in one place, so post any you want here (Although, alot are there anyway).

IMPORTANT NOTICE: As Fred states on his website, he no longer accepts K1 requests without a donation. Please do not post K1 requests here.

Requests as of post 29 are:

003EBO/004EBO/005EBO/006EBO - Ebon Hawk Interior (003EBO is in progress)
152HAR - Harbinger (Can't remember where )
261TEL - Telos Crash Site
306NAR - Nar Shaddaa Entertainment Promenade
403DXN - Mandalorian Camp
506OND - Royal Palace (506OND is in progress)
601DAN - Khoonda
602DAN - Khoonda Plains
604DAN - Crystal Cave
605DAN - Enclave Courtyard
650DAN - Rebuilt Jedi Enclave
711KOR - Secret Tomb
950COR - Ebon Hawk Interior

I have not included the Droid Factory and Planet because I doubt very much that Fred Tetra would make those available. If I'm wrong in this assumption, I'm very sure he'll edit my post.

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