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Nom and Tarila exchanged another glance and left the room. Riebe stayed.

"With all due respect, I would like to stay," she said. "Most if not all of you know I am older than I look. Perhaps my experience could be useful."

Alyssa glanced at the others on the Council, wondering their thoughts on Riebe's suggestion. Her feelings on the matter prompted her to immediately agree that her former master should be allowed to stay. Would the other Council members feel the same way? Though she usually followed the commands of the Council, Riebe Sothe was a Sith Hunter first, a Jedi second.

((Sith Hunters are one of my little additions to the SW universe. They were kidnapped by the Sith as children and basically turned into fighting machines. Then, the Jedi captured Riebe and showed her the truth. After that, the children started calling themselves Sith Hunters. All but three of them have been killed since then. They are all more than 2000 years old. Riebe is somewhere around 2200, I think, though most people wouldn't know that, not even on the Council. They'd just know she's older than she appears (19 or 20). ))

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