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*Coruscant, Shadow Realm*

Irvine "Help? Me?? With what?"

F. Irvine *lunging forward at Irvine* "Ask your Master..."

*F. Irvine plunges his right hand into Irvine's chest. A rippling effect is seen instead of blood and gore. Then F. Irvine pulls back his hand and pulls out a man, which F. Irvine tosses aside.*

F. Irvine "The thing about ghosts is, is that in the shadow realm, even they feel as real is if they were flesh and bone! HA!"

*The man stands up and turns to see the two.*

Irvine *surprised* "Master Chi!"

F. Irvine "Hahahaha! Stupid Jedi! How long do you think you can keep in there! In your poor pupils heart! Not even Cracken sensed you!"

Chi "You found out about me didn't you, when you tried to absorb Irvine into you!"

Irvine "Master..."

F. Irvine *laughs again* "... You don't need to manipulate him no further."

*Suddenly the three are surrounded by black, shadowy, beast-like creatures that walked on all fours, like a pack of obsidian, rabid wolverines.

Irvine pulls out a lightsaber and attempts to ignite it, but it fails. Only a short sputter, then nothing.*

F. Irvine "Stupid, there's no force here, I told you that."

*F. Irvine raises his hand and the beasts pounce on the Jedi Master and begins to drag him away into the forever night.

Irvine tries to save his master, but F. Irvine gets in the way.*

F. Irvine "There is no saving him..." *begins advancing on Irvine* "... There is no hope for him to survive... You have to learn..."

*Unknown to Irvine, F. Irvine was 'pushing' Irvine to a cliff...*

F. Irvine "... to live on YOUR OWN!!"

*F. Irvine pushes Irvine off the cliff, sending Irvine plummiting down.

A few seconds later, and several stories later as well, F. Irvine 'catches' Irvine by grabing Irvine by the collar, and spins him, and lauches him into a wall, where he crashes through, and right into the adjacent wall where he collapses onto the solid floor.

After a few moments later, Irvine picks himself up, his black hair draped over his face, he sets it aside. He notices that there are lights now, and the wall he 'crashed' through wasn't there. The floor felt solid and there was a small bunch of observer's watching him wondering what was going on. He turned to look at them stright, and most of them backed off immedately...*

Observer "It's Cracken! The Dark Lord! He's here to kill us all!"

*The crowd let out a scream and ran off. Leaving Irvine puzzled.*

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