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((felt like posting this here, jsut so that BD knows too

*** WJ sent me this via PM***

Originally Posted by WildJedi
I don't know what you have planned in there and I don't want to step on anybody's plans.

So the Council is feeling a disturbance in the Force and I'm sorta guessing it has something to do with what's happening in your posts. Given that assumption, how much do you want known? Is it too much for Riebe to say that Irvine's 'true self' has been displaced, taken to another realm?
If anything, F. Irvine's presence suddenly appeared near Irvine's, and then they disappeared.
and jsut now, Irvine reappeared somewhere else, he's still himself, just his presence is a little different. Not in a bad way right now, its just that in a few moments, reality is going to catch up and he'll be kinda scared out of his wits.

eh, what the heck, ill post it now...))

* Irvine stands himself up, and begins to observe his surroundings more. He gets a sharp pain in his abdomen, he clings onto the wall, and grabs at his belly. He leans up agenst the wall and grits his teeth, and stares off in the distence, thinking 'Why? Why did this suddenly happen?' He thought how that F. Irvine was able to walk right up to him, and to the Jedi council chamber with a presence, but not of the one he knew of...

The image of F. Irvine snearing at Irvine in the shadow realm, flickers in his mind.

'How? How was he able to get that close with out anyone knowing??'

Irvine looks around, no one is there, but could F. irvine be right around the corner? Where? His clone self could walk up to him for all he knows as a completely different being, a random passerby.

Irvine pushes off of the wall, and begins walking. It feels like to him that this was the first day he's walked on them as he stumbles. The building that he's in looks like a hangar, with the commercal ships awaiting to be loaded. Including a Lambda-class shuttle. Irvine walked over to that one. Boxes of peotential cargo was dropped with Irvine's presence. Irvine kicks a few off of the loading ramp and climbs in...*

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